Debut Spring/Summer 2014 Collection, "The Fashion of Our Bodies," is a meditation on  spirituality and the connection, if any, that is present in fashion and what we wear.  The designs of the garments explore how we hide and show our bodies, ourselves, and our skin, inspired by the full coverage nun's habit.  Kelly created a custom "freckle print" that is screen printed on chiffon and wool as a play on an animal print.  Lastly, as the nun's used to create their habits from fabric that was soiled or from the garbage, the collection also is a vehicle to discuss consumerism and materialism using fabric found in the trash, donated and repurposed from a garment in Bangladesh right after the building collapse this past May, in addition to expensive Italian cashmere. 

Models: Alessandra, Tess Obermeier, and Erin Lima.  Photographer: Blerta Hocia. Styling and Art Direction: Kelly Feole.